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And if they manage to stop, they have withdrawal symptoms, including restlessness and irritability. They gamble increasing sums to maintain the rush of excitement.

Why Asian-American students have a higher rate of gambling-related problems is not entirely clear, said Nolan Zane, a professor of psychology and Asian-American studies at the University of California-Davis.

He thinks cultural, social and psychological factors all play a role. In many Asian cultures, he noted, a belief in good luck or fortune pervades customs and rituals.

At family and social events, for example, many Asian-American adults bet money in games that involve skill and chance, such as mahjong. Often, they teach children to play, too. Exposing youngsters to gambling at an early age tends to normalize it.

If you look across cultures, anytime theres a behavior thats more acceptable, then people are more likely to develop problems with that behavior, Zane said.

Zanes research suggests that impulsivity is not a factor in problem gambling among Asian-American students, as it is for white students. Rather, they gamble to cope with negative feelings, such as anxiety, shame, loneliness or a sense of being disconnected from the college culture or mainstream society.

Asian-American studies departments at Bay Area colleges first approached NICOS more than a decade ago about educating students, said Michael Liao, the organizations program director. Instructors were noticing that gambling affected their students, either directly or through someone they knew, like a family member.

Liao has firsthand experience: His stepfather attempted suicide after racking up insurmountable gambling debts and losing the familys life savings.

Some immigrants who work at low-paying jobs are under financial strain and perceive gambling as a magic ticket, especially if their English is poor, Liao said. Oooo, that next lottery ticket, that next trip to Vegas that could be my way out, my way to send my kids to that school that they want to go POKER to.

San Francisco State University graduate student Calvin Zhao and Michael Liao, NICOS Chinese Health Coalitions program director, present study findings at the 2018 Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling. (Courtesy of NICOS Chinese Health Coalition)

Even well-educated young Asian-Americans can get caught up in the allure of big money.

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